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  • Made with Microlon®, a premium microfiber which is soft, light and comfortable
  • Compression zone, best circulation and support
  • Double layer cuff for more stability
  • Differentiated mesh with a thermoregulating effect
  • Flat seams for zero friction or rubbing
  • Extra cushioning, more thickness on heels and tips

The Bonkers running socks are made with microlon, a super soft nylon microfiber that feels light and comfortable to wear.
The compression zones present in the mid-foot and the leg favour the blood circulation guarantee an optimal fit.
They offer an unbeatable breathability and warmth regulation thanks to the differentiated mesh on the back of the foot.
The heel and the tip have been especially reinforced to guarantee a cushioning effect for your long activities, protecting you from blisters. The flat seams do not create annoying thickness avoiding friction and rubbing.
The sizes roughly correspond to:
S 35-38
M 39-42
L 43-46

How do I wash my socks?
These indications for the care and maintenance of the socks are written with the idea of preserving at best the qualities and durability of your Bonkers socks:

  • Washing in the washing machine at maximum 30°C
  • Do not use bleach
  • Do not put in the dryer machine: the high quality of the yarn assures a naturally quick drying
  • Do not iron your socks( we already know that no-one irons socks these days, we don’t see why you should do so)

These simple precautions guarantee you the optimal long-term Bonkers experience. And if you have any doubts, feel free to write to us! (Or you can always text your mum, se surely knows better than you. )

Where do we produce your socks?
The Bonkers socks are 100% italian made exactly like the yarn used are 100% italian. Thanks to the production sites located in areas known for their craftsmanship mastery in the making of technical socks, we guarantee the best quality and comfort. Every step of the process is monitored to make sure that our high standards are met.

Where do you ship from and how much does it cost?
We offer free shipping in italy for orders of more than 39,90€. For orders that are inferior to 39,90€, a shipping fee of 5,90€ is applied.

For international shipment we offer free shipping for orders of more than 59,90€. Orders inferior to 59,90€, a shipping fee of 12,90€ is applied.

Where can I buy your socks?
You can buy the Bonkers socks exclusively on our website! However, we are open to new possibilities in the future. Keep following us for any updates on news and new potential selling channels. Stay tuned!

I’m unsure which one of the two sizes to buy, which one do you recommend buying?
We divided our sizes in three categories to help every customer find the perfect measure. Your comfort is one of our priorities.
S:35-38 | M:39-42 | L: 43-46
Generally speaking, we recommend a smaller size than the one you usually wear. Because of their broad wearability, our socks are extremely elastic and fit the feet perfectly.

A practical example:
if your shoe size is 42.5, we recommend choosing size M (39-42) of our socks.


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